35mm + 120mm + 220mm DSLR FILM SCANNING

High resolution Film Scanning

High Resolution Film Scanning

35mm + 120mm + 220MM

If you're a photographer using film cameras in your workflow, high quality scans are imperative for your final product. High Resolution DSLR Scanning yields rich, lossless results while leaving room for post-corrections/adjustments. If film is a part of your business, consider what higher quality scans, with the option to be tailored to your style, will do for your final output. One important note is that most large film labs will charge you for the full-size digital file - not us! Every scan you receive will be a full-size digital image. See for yourself below of a traditional film lab scan vs. our DSLR scan.

Scan from a Traditional lab


Scan from me :)


Scan Pricing

*Priced per roll of film

*All scans are full-size digital files

*Members are preferred vendors who have subscribed to Corey Taylor Photography as their exclusive scan provider.

Uncorrected Scan

Corrected Scan

Member Scan













This is our process:

I. Inquire/place your order.

Fill out the inquiry form below and chat with us about your order quantity, film preferences, and order details. We'll invoice you and you'll pay half of your order invoice upfront. Become a Member and take advantage of exclusive scanning rates!

II. Mail your developed negatives.

After having your film developed, send us your negatives (cut or uncut). We'll get started scanning them as soon as they're delivered to us!

III. We scan/return your negatives!

We'll scan and apply your preferred film adjustments to your files. Then, we'll upload your beautiful scans for you to download and share (upon final invoice payment). We'll return your negatives as they were sent to us. :)

Film Scan Inquiry/order Form

Kodak Portra 400

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Explain your style to us. We'll use your portfolio to get an idea of what you like :)

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